Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dentistry in Linden, NJ

Have you ever injured your mouth and been unsure what to do? Dental emergencies can happen, but people are often flustered about the best way to respond.

If you are experiencing a painful or unusual situation like having a tooth knocked out, you need to find an emergency dentist near you in Linden, NJ. At Unique Family Dentistry, we offer high-quality urgent care to restore oral function and wellness as soon as possible.

Who Needs Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is reserved for people in Linden, NJ who have conditions that require immediate treatment. These individuals cannot wait for an appointment because the condition could worsen or become permanent. At Unique Family Dentistry, we have treated a broad range of cases that require urgent care, including:

  • Permanent teeth which have been knocked out
  • Permanent teeth that are fractured or broken
  • Broken or fractured jaws
  • Oral bleeding that will not stop
  • Intense oral pain caused by dental infections

Individuals in these situations need treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, they risk losing permanent teeth, disrupting their jaw alignment, or even experiencing other dental health conditions like severe infections.

If you are unsure about whether or not you are facing an emergency, you can call our office and ask.

How to Prepare for Treatment

If you would like to improve the effectiveness of treatment, you can follow these simple steps.

First, if you have lost a tooth, try to find it. You can brush off dust and dirt, but do not remove any soft tissues that are still attached. Bring the tooth with you to the office, and out dentists might be able to restore it.

Second, rinse the mouth with warm water. This can remove bacteria and help with swelling and bleeding. If there is an excess amount of blood, use paper towels to keep it in check.

Third, bring a friend with you that has a driver’s license. Sometimes treatment requires the use of sedation and anesthetic, and you might not be able to drive yourself home.

Finally, try to remain calm. Our emergency dentistry near you is designed to be comfortable, painless, and focused on you as an individual. There is no need to worry.

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