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Exams and Cleanings in Linden, NJ

Preventive healthcare is the backbone of modern dentistry. Many problems people suffer from can be prevented or treated early when patients have an active interest in their oral health and take steps to improve it. Even if you have not been to a dentist in years, it is always a good idea to schedule biannual exams and cleanings to eliminate decay and identify potential problems that could affect overall wellness.

If you are seeking proper dental exams and cleanings near you in Linden, NJ, come see us at Unique Family Dentistry. We offer comprehensive preventive and restorative care designed to help you get and maintain a happy and healthy smile.

The Role of Exams and Cleanings

Did you know the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends each individual start going to the dentist as soon as they develop their first baby tooth, and every year afterward? This is not an attempt to make money but is actually part of an important treatment plan designed to identify problems early so they can be addressed before they become more severe.

During these yearly appointments, you receive a dental exam and cleaning. These treatments are designed to check for potential problems and also remove the plaque and decay, which builds up on the teeth throughout the year.

If plaque is not removed on a regular basis, it builds up on the teeth and in the gums. This buildup creates problems like gum disease, tooth decay, dental infections, and even permanent tooth loss when left untreated.

At Unique Family Dentistry, our goal is to help you avoid these issues by regularly examining the teeth and providing optimal oral healthcare to help you reach your wellness goals.

The Process

  • When you visit our office in Linden, NJ for an exam and cleaning, it starts with x-rays. These are done to examine the shape of the jaws and see if there are any pockets of decay hidden from sight. Our dentist will then examine the health of your teeth and gums using lights, picks, and other specialized instruments. The cleaning is last and includes the removal of plaque, thorough teeth brushing, gum treatment, and flossing.
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