Extractions in Linden, NJ

For a tooth extraction in Linden, NJ, you can count on our caring team of experts at Unique Family Dentistry to provide excellent care. We will make sure your extraction procedure is comfortable and smooth, and we will follow up to ensure that your recovery is going well.

When a Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

Tooth extraction is sometimes the only option in many cases. Below are the most common reasons for tooth extraction in Linden, NJ.

Patients will periodontal disease may find that the strength and structural integrity of their teeth become compromises. Periodontal disease can also force teeth to become loose, and in the case of weak and/or lose teeth, extraction is necessary.

Teeth can also become so severely damaged from tooth decay that has been left untreated, making extraction the only choice for our dentists. If tooth decay grows deep into the center, or pulp, of the teeth, the blood vessels and nerves can become infected. Usually, a root canal can save these teeth, but if the infection cannot be managed with antibiotics and root canal therapy, an extraction will be recommended. Such irreparable damage may also occur as a result of injury or trauma.

Tooth extractions are also suggested for patients with compromised immune systems as a result of illness. For example, cancer patients requiring chemotherapy may need teeth extracted in order to prevent complications and infections that may arise as a result of treatment.

It is also common for tooth extractions to be performed on overcrowded mouths or in cases where new teeth cannot break through the gums because there is not enough room to prepare for orthodontic treatment.

Your Tooth Extraction Procedure at Unique Family Dentistry

At Unique Family Dentistry, our talented dentists perform tooth extractions on a daily basis. The surgery is safe and quick—there is nothing to be worried about. With a local anesthetic to numb the site of extraction, you will not feel a thing. In some cases, we will opt for general anesthesia, but this is uncommon.

To remove the tooth, your dentist will cut back the gum to access the tooth. It is rooted in the jawbone and attached to ligaments and nerve endings, so the tooth will need to be loose below the gum line.

Gauze will help to stop the bleeding, and it’s important to follow your dentist’s instructions for aftercare carefully.

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