Partials and Dentures

Partials and Dentures in Linden, NJ

With so many partials and dentures to choose from, Unique Family Dentistry helps patients find the ideal option to suit their requirements and budget.

When you’re missing a tooth or teeth, you can choose between partials and dentures near you. A full set of false teeth is known as dentures. You need to find out information about all your options before you decide on the best one for yourself.

How Do Partials and Dentures Help?

A partial denture or partials is a prosthetic made of plastic or a mix of plastic and metal with one or more false teeth on it. Partials are designed to clip onto the natural teeth adjacent to the gap, and they’re equipped with ‘arms’ that help them hug the teeth for support.

Out of the two options, the combination of metal and plastic is better as the metal protects other teeth from damage. Full dentures are held fast in the oral cavity due to suction, but they can sometimes be affected by certain anatomical structures in the mouth. Dentures may not be stable if there is a poor lower ridge. Also, if you suffer from a dry mouth, the suction may not work quite as well.

Dry mouth or lack of saliva can be caused due to several medications. Similarly, lower dentures can be difficult to keep in place due to the tongue, so at times, we may recommend over-dentures (dentures that are attached to roots of natural teeth) to keep them in place.

Our dentist in Linden uses the most modern dental technology to ensure that dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth and gums.

Benefits of Using Partials and Dentures 

Patients can reap several benefits from wearing partials or dentures:

  • They are less invasive and do not require surgical intervention
  • Once you’re used to them, you can speak and chew properly
  • They help restore facial structure and can improve your smile

We suggest that patients should avoid sleeping with partials and dentures. Contact Unique Family Dentistry in Linden for an appointment today. 

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