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Why It’s Important to Look After Baby Teeth

It’s crucial to introduce your child to good oral hygiene and practices from an early age. Although milk teeth – or baby teeth – are replaced by permanent teeth, it’s important to look after them as best as possible. Baby teeth should receive the same level of care as permanent teeth.

Here’s why:

Primary teeth help adult teeth erupt into their proper positions. Early decay or loss of baby teeth can result in adult teeth drifting into cavities and changing their position. Other baby teeth may also move into space and crowd out permanent teeth.

  • Untreated cavities and decay may lead to infections that may spread to the blood or, in extreme cases, even to the brain. This may result in an emergency. Get your child’s teeth regularly checked by our dentist in Linden.

  • Baby teeth work together with the tongue, cheeks, and lips to help your child pronounce words properly. The tooth structure gives definition and shape to your child’s facial development.

Cavities, decay, and caries can reduce your child’s self-esteem and confidence in a social environment. Consult Unique Family Dentistry in Linden for children’s dental treatments near you.

Regular Dental Exams Can Help Prevent Emergencies

Remember to schedule an appointment for your child when you schedule your own. Taking your child to the dentist from an early age helps foster a positive relationship between the dental team and your child.

Our dentist in Linden will make a gentle exam and perform a cleaning while looking out for potential problems. We will also evaluate your child’s gums, lips, and cheeks to rule out gum disease. Our dental team is also happy to provide guidance regarding oral hygiene, suitable dental products, proper brushing, and optimal nutrition.

Unique Family Dentistry in Linden offers a comprehensive range of adult’s and children’s dentistry services near you.

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