Root Canal Treatment

Root Canals in Linden, NJ

Is the prospect of a root canal making you nervous? Our patients at Unique Family Dentistryreport feeling relaxed and comfortable and experience zero to minimal soreness 

What a Root Canal Procedure Involves

If you’ve been looking for root canals near you, our dentist in Linden, NJ explains that the process is safe, painless, and very effective in most cases. A few patients with more complex cases may require surgical root canal treatment, which will be performed by our trained endodontists.

Your dentist will decide on which is the best person to treat your case. We will first take an X-ray of the root canal and surrounding bone to check for signs of infection. Your dentist will then anesthetize the area around the tooth to keep the procedure pain-free. We use the latest sedation dentistry techniques and may apply a local gel or a numbing injection.

The dentist will place a rubber dam around the infected tooth to control saliva flow and drill a hole to allow infected material to drain out. The debris is then flushed away using water or sodium hypochlorite solution.

What Happens Once the Root Canal is Drained 

The team at Unique Family Dentistry in Linden, NJ will seal the tooth after it has been thoroughly drained. Sometimes, the dentist may prefer to wait for a few days for all the decayed material to drain out before sealing the tooth. In case there is an infection in the tooth, the dentist may like to insert medication in the tooth to clear it up.

In straightforward cases, the dentist may clean and seal the tooth immediately after. He or she may also use a filling to keep out contaminants until the tooth is sealed. Our dentist in Linden, NJ will apply a sealer paste and a rubber compound and seal the exterior access hole with a filling to complete the process.

Once the tooth is sealed, it often requires a crown for further restoration and to protect it from damage. Contact Unique Family Dentistry in Linden, NJ for a detailed exam, diagnosis, and painless root canal treatment options.

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