Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Linden, NJ

Teeth whitening is perhaps the most frequently requested cosmetic procedure in the dental industry. Some sociologists and psychologists believe more individuals have become interested in these minor cosmetic treatments because humans place a high value on looking friendly and attractive, while others blame Instagram, Facebook, and other media.

Whatever the case may be, we at Unique Family Dentistry understand that having a bright, healthy-looking smile is a necessity for many of our patients. This is why we offer professional teeth whitening in Linden using the latest techniques and technologies.

Through our treatments, we hope to not only have teeth whitening near you but also to help our patients avoid the pitfalls of online kits.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

As the name suggests, teeth whitening is a simple dental procedure wherein the enamel of the teeth is brightened. This treatment utilizes a stable peroxide solution, which is applied to the dental surface as a gel. The gel is then treated with a special light, which causes the peroxide to break down.

Once peroxide starts to break down, it produces oxygen. The oxygen seeps into the enamel and lifts away stains left behind by regular activities like smoking or drinking coffee.

When done in our office, the procedure takes as little as 45 minutes and can produce a smile eight shades brighter than before.


Our staff at Unique Family Dentistry will provide instructions for proper aftercare following treatment. We recommend patients avoid hot or cold foods, as some people can experience mild sensitivity for a few days after whitening. It is also important to not engage in behaviors known for staining the teeth. This means no smoking (of tobacco or other substances), consumption of other tobacco products, or drinking beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, and soda.

The Benefits

The primary benefit of getting your teeth whitened is the change in your smile’s appearance following treatment. At our office in Linden, we are able to remove years’ worth of stains in less than an hour. This means you can eliminate one of the main side effects of bad habits and improve your self-esteem in a single day.

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